Anja (2015)    

    The ANJA series documents forty-one women.   
    It confronts the fears and stigmas associated with the perception
    of women's bodies  in today's world of unrealistic
    and idealised standards of how women 'should' look.    

I am not interested in sexualising the form of my subjects,        
but am on a quest to find self compassion and emotional awareness,       
in both myself and in my audience.       
Photographing these women helps me in my search for these things,      
and perhaps helps my subjects to find a moment of self acceptance       
and recognition, which is deserved and should be encouraged       
much more within our culture.       

            There's a lot to expose in terms of the way we have internalised    
            sexism and sexualised aggression. 
            I feel like as a photographer I am witness to women conditioning, 
            and am trying to offer a different perspective.       
            In my work I want to awaken a preferable alternative. 
            My message is therefore transformative, 
            supporting a questioning of the norm.       

ANJA is about an ongoing exploration of women’s potential,
the expansion of their perceptions of self.
This series is a search for self-awareness and compassion
by reconnecting to our place in the natural world
through vulnerability and discovery.

50% of the profits from the ANJA book go towards the

White Ribbon Foundation,
a charity that works towards preventing violence against women in Australia.

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