“The windswept drama of the carefully composed, haunting landscapes of Melbourne-based artist Lilli Waters is interspersed with predominantly female figures whose incandescent skin,
                                             enshrouded in jewel-toned fabrics and illuminated by firelight, offsets the water-logged darkness of their surroundings.

                                            At first glance the photographs appear laden with doomed romance and a macabre eroticism. It is only on closer inspection that the viewer begins to glean a message of empowerment.

                                            The images are delicate and audacious, offering insight into the complexity of their inhabitants, just as the elemental background evokes a sense of foreboding.

                                            Waters challenges the conditioning of women in contemporary culture, which she attributes to an internalisation of sexism.

                                          Through her photographs, Waters encourages self-acceptance, emotional awareness and defiant celebration in her subjects and, subsequently, in herself.”

                                                          Art Aesthetica, UK

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