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Lead us to Water


Discolour’d Floral Games

Discolour’d Floral Games series explores the relationship between women and nature,
focusing on the fine details of the florals and using a layered aesthetic,
incorporating some collage.

Discolour’d is a somewhat dark eerie series,
a mix of black and white film noir-style images
and rich deep colours,
portraying these women’s darkest fears
and secrets of the natural world.
The florals in their own way appear to lurk in the shadows
and be almost ‘devouring’ the subjects.
There is a certain mystery,
desire and a ‘becoming’ or ‘merging’ of the two elements,
as if the petals are extensions of the women themselves.

          Succumbing to the seduction of these giant sometimes foreboding specimens,
          we sense vulnerability and fear as it morphs with beauty and darkness.
         We are not sure if these florals are friend or foe?


Pistil Floral Seduction

Pistil Floral Seduction reunites female figures
with inflorescent arrangements using a layered aesthetic.

Finding inspiration through nature,
there is a focus on the finer details of the plants,
revealing the vitality, strangeness and fragility;
the sensuality and femenine allure inherent in the flora.

This series exposes a woman’s deeply rooted connection
to nature and fertility and the ways in which she relates directly
and symbolically to the plant world. 


She Raw

The She Raw series documents 41 everyday women within a state of fantasy
whilst drawing directly from their real-life experience.

This series of photographic portraits uncovers fascinators of the many engaging mysteries
and hidden truths which lie, often undiscovered, beneath a woman's skin.
By drawing intimacies and challenges, 
self-reflection propels us into the untold relationships we have with ourselves
and the women around us, giving us further insight
into the contexts of external beauties and internal sanctums.

As with 'women who run with wolves', these women roar


50% of the profits from the She Raw book go towards the White Ribbon Foundation,
a charity that works towards preventing violence against women in Australia.





Black Sunday


Instrinsic Storms

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