Capture Magazine - Sep/Oct 2018 issue


Waters finds some element of failure in all her images. There's things that haven't resulted in her initial vision, but she sees this as a natural component of her creative process. "I often look back at old work and think, 'Wow' so average', but it's all a learning experience, and you can't grow and improve if you don't experiment and take big risks in your work," she says. She resists having a 'go to' that she knows will work as it wouldn't bring challenges, and she'd get bored and not grow creatively. Despite her ability to look and grow from her failures, Waters has days when she feels as if she should quit and that everything she makes is 'shit'. Still, she pushes on and takes opportunities to create new images. There's an incessant drive to create inside Waters. This allows her to reach above and beyond failure.